EURUSD: Timing Is Everything

Peter Adamson

In yesterday’s post I told you about a new offer to win a 3 month subscription to FX Time Machine, an EURUSD forecasting service. This service has never been available to individual Forex traders before. Now is your chance to try it for free.

Unfortunately the software gremlins were out in force, and the signup process which worked perfectly the day before did not work perfectly. Consequently you may have attempted to sign up without success.

So let me encourage you to do it now at It will cost you nothing and it could have a very positive impact on your trading. Just look at this chart:

EURUSD Reversal Forecasts

This is a daily chart of EURUSD from about April to August of this year. Each blue vertical line on the chart is a date that was forecast by FX Time Machine well in advance. You can clearly see that although not perfect (nothing is…) the forecasts are stunningly accurate. When you have this kind of advance knowledge, your trading takes on a new dimension.

I urge you to give it a go. Just click here for full details. I’m looking forward to having you on board!