INDU Elliott Wave View: Further Downside

Daud Bhatti

Short term Elliott Wave view in INDU ( Dow) suggest that instrument is showing 5 swings sequence from 3/03 peak (21018) favoring more downside. From 3/03 peak INDU is following a Double three Elliott wave Structure , where Minor wave W ended at 20579 low and Minor wave X ended at 20887 peak. Index has since broken below the 20412 low, suggesting the next leg lower in Minor wave Y has started already. The Internal Subdivision of Minor wave Y is also unfolding as Double three Elliott wave structure where Minute wave ((w)) ended at 20453 and Minute wave ((x)) bounce turns out to be a flat correction . Where the Minutte wave (a) ended at 20644 peak and Minutte wave (b) at 20379 low, above from there index could have ended the 5 waves in Minutte wave (c) of a flat within blue box area at yesterday’s peak 20629, while near term bounces fails below there & more importantly as far as pivot from 20888 peak Minute wave X connector’s peak stays intact index has scope to resume lower 1 more leg at least and can see 20129 – 19951 area where buyers should be waiting. We don’t like selling the index and expect to see buyers appearing in the above mentioned area for new highs or a larger 3 wave bounce at least.

INDU Hourly Chart

INDU Hourly Chart