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AUDUSD Is At New Low, Targeting 0.7200

Gregor Horvat

AUDUSD is at new low after the pair completed fourth wave pullback, but earlier than we thought. However, our main focus was for a continuation down to lower levels which are now coming in play as pair already trades in wave 5 of 3) that can be targeting 0.7200 soon. Based on the lasts price action we expect a bounce next week again into a fourth wave of a larger degree. more…

AUDUSD Looks For Correction

Gregor Horvat

AUDUSD is at new lows which has been expected in the last few months as rally from April to May highs has a clear corrective personality as mentioned at the time. We labeled it as wave (4), so current leg down from 0.8160 should then be wave (5), final leg within a bearish sequence. However, before we may look for a bottom formation we need five subwaves down into around 0.7000 area where bottom could be seen sometime this year. more…

AUDUSD: Wave (5 ) In Play For 0.7300-0.7100

Gregor Horvat

Back in April AUDUSD has turned bullish for some time, but most likely only temporary as rally from the low was having an overlapping structure. We know that this is a characteristics of a contra-trend price action, so trend remains bearish for now within impulse that is in play since mid-2014.We see market moving sharply lower now after broken upward channel, so wave (5) is in play for a move down to 0.7100-0.7300 area. more…