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Cryptocurrencies Short Term Update

Daud Bhatti

The leading cryptocurrencies BTCUSD & ETHUSD rallied up from 09/15 low in a 3 waves Zigzag structure which ended wave (1) as part of an expected 5 waves diagonal to the upside. Both instruments is now doing a short term pullback in wave (2) as a double three toward equal legs area ($3740 – $3549 for bitcoin) and ($269 – $253 for Ethereum) where it should resume higher or bounce in 3 waves at least. more…


Grega Horvat

Gold is trading in a three-wave decline, away from 1300 region. We see first wave A) completed, followed by a slow and choppy movement which could be a triangle correction in the making within wave B). Ideally wave B) will unfold two more waves within itself and later make a new push lower, into the final wave C), that can search for a base near the Fibonacci ratios of 138.2/161.8. more…