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EUR/CHF Bullish But Close To Historical Sellers

Nenad Kerkez

The EUR/CHF is in a strong uptrend but it is getting close to historical sellers. As we can see on the chart, the inner trend line has been broken and the pair is currently slightly above H3 – in no man’s land. There are 2 scenarios. If the pair gets to historical sellers we could see sellers taking over the pair. POC2 (H4, quad-top, historical sellers) 1.0925-1.0935 is the zone for short entries towards 1.0890. Conversely, 1.0890-1.0900 POC ( inner trend line, L4, EMA89, DPP) is the zone where we might expect bounce towards 1.0930 zone. Pay attention to movement as the range is small and the pair is in the middle of nowhere at this point. more…