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Honey, I Shrunk The Euro

Ville Vainio

EUR/USD had a massive decline at the end of the week and the bears seems to be in charge here. The decline went trough the support area around 1.1145 and kept going. This decline is in line with the wave count which has been expecting powerful decline for some time now. Although this decline is still a 3 wave structure, the larger wave structure is supporting the view that we have started the next phase in dollar strength. more…

EUR/GBP Is On A Bullish Path

Ville Vainio

EUR/GBP is on a bullish path and is nearing new mid term highs soon. After we have concluded this large corrective phase, larger reversal is expected. My preferred wave count is looking for a small degree 5 wave structure to be completed before larger reversal can occur. We have been on a corrective phase since march of 2015 and are nearing the end of this large structure. more…

EURGBP Should Proceed Lower

Nenad Kerkez

EURGBP has broken through important trend line and it has made another leg down. The pair I showing bearish movement on H4 timeframe, and there is a possibility of yet another retest of 0.7190 zone. We can see that trend line has been broken effectively becoming an inner trend line which gave the pair additional momentum to the downside. more…

Will EUR/GBP Bulls Be Singing “The (.7390) Ceiling Can’T Hold Us”?

Matt Weller

Can we go back, this is the moment
Tonight is the night, we’ll fight ’til it’s over
So we put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us
Like the ceiling can’t hold us

— Macklemore, “Can’t Hold Us”
We’ve looked at pound sterling from a couple of different directions so far this week (see here and here for more), but EUR/GBP may offer the most interesting setup, especially with the European Central Bank meeting concluding Thursday. more…