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EUR/JPY Consolidation Breakout Possible

Nenad Kerkez

Different Forex crosses are breaking out of their consolidation phase, making breakouts off the important levels as we could see yesterday in the example of the GBP/NZD. Today we have a consolidation with a possible breakout on EUR/JPY. The POC zone 132.12-132.30 (D H3, EMA89, 38.2,are pivot) could reject the price towards 131.90. Break below 131.90 might target 131.75 and 131.30. The current ATR is 37 pips while the projected ATR is 86 pips so the price still has the room till next support levels.

EURJPY Searching For A Top

Grega Horvat

EURJPY is showing a nice bearish price pattern; an ending diagonal up from Oct 16 low that can cause a strong rise of JPY against the EUR. For such scenario we would need a drop on USDJPY and also fall on stocks while 10 year US notes would rise. At the moment we do not see such scenario yet, but it’s good to be prepared. technically speaking a decisive fall below 133.48 and then a retest of that same level can be a good bearish set-up for this week, but only if 134.15 high remains untouched. more…

Triangle On EURJPY Points Lower

Grega Horvat

EURJPY is showing us a complex, overlapping and slow correction, which we see it as a Elliott wave triangle pattern. We see current triangle trading in final stages, with leg E searching for resistance. Resistance can be seen near the Fibonacci ratio of 61.8, from where a new drop lower can come in play. Later a new drop towards red wave C) can follow. more…

Powerful Reversal Pattern On EURJPY Points Lower

Grega Horvat

EURJPY can be trading in final stages of a higher degree impulse, which means a three wave reversal lower can be in view. Current rally can be final wave 5) in the making, that is more and more looking like an ending diagonal pattern. An ending diagonal pattern is a powerful reversal pattern, that can after its completion push prices in the opposite direction. Hopefully, current Fibonacci ratio of 261.8 will act as a resistance and also push prices lower. more…

Macron’S Triumph Removes Eurozone Political Risk

Daud Bhatti

Emmanuel Macron won the presidential election last Sunday, defeating Marine Le Pen, a far-right nationalist who wanted to take France out of the European Union. Markets had feared that Le Pen’s win could threaten the EU project, but Macron’s win has eliminated uncertainty regarding France’s membership of the Euro and removed the risk of near-term severe political shock to France and wider Europe. The Euro went above $1.10 briefly, but since then has pulled back. The upwards move was not dramatic than the first round of French elections as many traders have anticipated Macron’s victory and thus victory was already well priced in. more…

EUR/JPY Huge Marubozu After French Elections

Nenad Kerkez

The EUR/JPY had formed a huge marubozu candle (purple highlight) on 4h time frame after it was announced that Emmanuel Macron won the first round of the French presidential elections. If you followed my Price Action Trading School, than you should know that marubozu candle appears during high momentum in the market. Equities and EUR/USD went bullish, especially CAC40 as I predicted and analysed in the blog post before the elections. more…