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GBP/NZD Close To The Top Of The Equidistant Channel

Nenad Kerkez

The GBP/NZD has formed a bearish equidistant channel, but recent news gave the push in bullish momentum and the price might reverse. The zone to watch is 0.7560-80 (Channel top, ATR high, EMA89, D H4). Traders should watch for any reversal or continuation patterns within the POC zones. A bullish continuation pattern within the zone might push the price further towards the D H5 at 0.7653 while a bearish reversal pattern could drop the price towards D H3 and L3 – 0.7490 and 0.7370. The GBP/NZD is a very volatile pair and because the price is already at its extremes we might see a short term rejection from the POC soon and that could provide some short term trading opportunities. more…