Elliott Wave Forecast USD/CAD

Ville Vainio

May 4, 2015 @ 1:50 pm

I have labelled minuette wave A completed on this corrective advance and this recent decline is then minuette wave B. Minuette wave is expected to reach around 1.23 before resuming the downtrend for minute wave 5. I will post targets for this last wave down on this sequence after it has started. more…

Crude OIL: Looking Higher Towards $60 Level

Grega Horvat

Crude oil fell to a new low in March but this does not mean that corrective fourth wave is complete. In fact, price turned up very sharply in the last couple of weeks, so it looks like that wave four is going to be bigger than on the first place. We however are still looking at a three wave rally that can stop at former wave four, near $60 per barrel. more…

AUD/CAD: Stevens vs. Poloz

Neal Gilbert

There has been very little action in the currency world at the start of the new week as most of the major currency pairs are lacking in the headline grabbing department. US equities, on the other hand, are racing out to record levels this morning potentially on expectations of solid earnings from Apple being released after the market closes this afternoon. Just because currencies aren’t providing any major talking points doesn’t mean there isn’t anything going on within them though. Our old friend Greece is making some headlines due to the reeling in of Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. more…

USD/JPY Daily technical analysis

Alex Bullbearg

After the publication of data on initial applications for benefits, which were lower than expected, the USDJPY was fixed above the support level of 119.80, however, the desired results are not shown. The dollar weakened instantly. If we talk about the long term, it is necessary to wait until the price will be confident enough to overcome a horizontal range of 119.40-120.28. more…

EUR/JPY: Everything is Awesome

Neal Gilbert

The last half of the North American trading session was pretty much a reflection of the first as equities pretty much ground lower throughout and the USD kept clawing back some gains as well. The EUR was trying to gain back some respectability on positive sentiment figures out of Germany to start the day, but appears to be losing some momentum as we transition over to the Asian desks. If commodities or equities have an eye toward rallying moving forward, the Australian CPI release this evening will have to step up to the plate, otherwise a bigger drop may be in order. more…

Elliott Wave Short Term Forecast Update EUR/USD

Ville Vainio

Apr 20, 2015 @ 15:30

A downwards bias in EUR/USD and this might be start of minute wave 3. This next wave should accelerate this decline and carry EUR/USD to new lows and beyond 1.046 which was previous minor wave 3 low.

Taking into account this wave count and few months of negative economic data from US I think there will be massive run FROM the dollar, as there were massive run to the dollar that accelerated about a year ago. more…

EURUSD: Corrective Wave Still Unfolding

Grega Horvat

EURUSD turned sharply up last week back to mid-range from the last two months so it looks like that corrective wave is still unfolding. We are tracking wave IV now that is part of ongoing five wave decline in wave C) which could break down to around parity before EUR bears can be finished. Wave V could send price to new lows before the summer of this year. more…

EUR/USD Reversal?

Peter Adamson

News headlines are a very good indicator of market reversals. I was in New York in July 2002, near the end of the dot com bust. The financial news was full of doom and gloom. Talking heads were tripping over themselves looking for superlatives to describe the carnage. The phrase of the moment was “no bottom in sight”. When I heard that my ears perked up. It was a sure sign that a bottom was in sight, if it had not already occurred. The bottom did occur a few weeks later just seven points lower than July’s low. more…

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