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USDCHF Trading At The Start Of A Bullish Leg

Grega Horvat

On the daily chart of USDCHF we can see that price was trading quite choppy for the last two years and unfolded a bigger 3-3-5 EW Flat pattern. Well recently this flat found a low near the 0.9417 level for wave B and recovered nicely higher and eventually began a bigger rally after price breached above the trendline connected from December of last year. That said, this break now suggests a change in trend, from bearish to bullish and that a higher degree five-wave impulse may unfold within black wave C of Y). more…

CHF JPY Bullish Elliott Wave Sequence

Daud Bhatti

In this article we will take a look at Elliott Wave structure of CHF JPY pair since the low at 4.16.2017. Move up from 4.16.2017 (107.67) to 5.25.2017 (115.16) was in 7 swings and completed wave (W). Then we saw the pair pull back from the highs. Below is the 480 minute chart presented to clients on 11th June 2017 where we were looking for pair to end the correction in 112.87 – 111.52 area and resume the rally for new highs. more…

USDCHF Trading In A Temporary Correction; More Upside Is Expected

Gregor Horvat

On the Daily chart of USDCHF we are looking at a higher degree complex correction, a three wave A-B-C rise of wave IV, that seems to be in action since end of December of 2014. That said as we can see, pair completed a triangle correction in the connecting wave B and made a sharp reversal higher, above the sub-wave D swing. As such we now believe price may unfold a five-wave movement within the final wave C, before making a higher degree impulsive drop towards new lows. Ideally price will make a run towards the 1.0700/1.0750. more…

Elliott Wave Analysis On USDJPY And USDCHF

Gregor Horvat

FX market is moving sideways, with a corrective price move shown on some several USD pairs, so USDJPY can be in a similar position. As we see on the chart, price structure from the last few days looks very tight, meaning it can still be trading corrective within wave four as part of an uptrend. Ideally this correction is a running triangle, that is pointing up into wave v of C towards the 105.00 projected area, while 102.77 support is not breached. more…

EUR/CHF Bullish But Close To Historical Sellers

Nenad Kerkez

The EUR/CHF is in a strong uptrend but it is getting close to historical sellers. As we can see on the chart, the inner trend line has been broken and the pair is currently slightly above H3 – in no man’s land. There are 2 scenarios. If the pair gets to historical sellers we could see sellers taking over the pair. POC2 (H4, quad-top, historical sellers) 1.0925-1.0935 is the zone for short entries towards 1.0890. Conversely, 1.0890-1.0900 POC ( inner trend line, L4, EMA89, DPP) is the zone where we might expect bounce towards 1.0930 zone. Pay attention to movement as the range is small and the pair is in the middle of nowhere at this point. more…

USDCHF Triple Bar Rejection At Resistance

Nenad Kerkez

The USD/CHF is bound in a ranging market just as EUR/USD. As we could see in this article, the EUR/USD is meant to go up (as it is going) and that normally means USD/CHF down due to a negative high correlation.

Technically we can spot a triple pin bar rejection off the H3 resistance and it looks like a failed inverted head and shoulders. Due to a range that USD/CHF is currently in we might see a good r:r if the pair proceeds down. 0.9940-50 is the zone where we could see a rejection and as long as the pair is below 0.9975 targets are 0.9900 and 0.9870. Additionally traders should pay attention to ADP today.

USDCHF Hourly Chart

USDCHF Hourly Chart

Source: admiralmarkets.com

USD/CHF Hits A 5-Month Low As The SNB Stands Pat

Matt Weller

At the start of the week, we highlighted today’s Swiss National Bank meeting as a potential under-the-radar event risk that many traders were overlooking. As we suspected, the central bank did not make any changes to monetary policy, but did take the opportunity to reiterate its review that the Swiss franc is “still significantly overvalued.” For Switzerland’s heavily export-oriented economy, the value of the currency is one of the most important economic indicators, and the lack of upward pressure more…

USDCHF Making A Reversal

Gregor Horvat

USDCHF has traced 5 waves up, which we see as the start of a new upside trend from latest lows. This pair touched psychological level 1.000 and found resistance there. Current development we see as a corrective three wave pullback with support around 0.9840 levels, from where we expect to see further continuation to higher levels. more…

USD/CHF: Why Parity May Prove To Be A Near-Term Top

Matt Weller

One of this week’s biggest themes has been the gradual unwind of last week’s excessive moves across global markets, and USD/CHF remains one of the best candidates for reversion. From late January’s high near 1.0200, USD/CHF collapsed nearly 600 pips to the mid-.9600s last week. While the pair did slice through its previous bullish trend line last week, the unit has rallied all the way back to test the underside of the broken trend line once as of writing. more…