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AUDUSD Elliott Wave View : 5 Waves Move

Daud Bhatti

AUDUSD ended the correction in Intermediate wave (X) after reaching 0.7486 and then started rallying from there. With today’s new high the pair is showing 5 waves impulsive move from 03/09/2017 low and has already reached the minimum target area for Minutte wave (v) to end. The minimum target for Minutte wave (v) can be calculated as the inverse 1.236-1.618 Fibonacci extension of Minutte wave (iv) which comes at more…

EURUSD: Elliott Wave Sequence From February Peak

Daud Bhatti

EURUSD Elliott Wave Sequence from 2/2 peak doesn’t support the idea of 5 wave impulse or even a series of 1,2’s. Decline from 2/2/2017 high to 2/15/2017 low was a 7 swing sequence and the decline from 2/16/2017 to 2/22/2017 low was also a 7 swing decline. This means neither leg down from 2/2/2017 peak was in 5 waves. Even if we were to force the bias and view the two legs down from 2/2/2017 peak as a 5 wave move, still the decline from 2/2/2017 peak is not an impulse because more…

FTSE: Elliott Wave Impulse In Progress

Daud Bhatti

FTSE move up from 7192.35 low appears to be unfolding as an Elliott Wave impulse. Wave (iii) blue has already reached 1.618 Fibonacci extension of wave (i)-(ii) and has already got enough extension in wave (iii) but looking at internal structure of wave (iii) it appears to be in 3 waves and thus ideally we should get another high towards 7406 -7430 to complete wave (iii) before Index makes a 3 wave pull back in wave (iv). As wave (ii) was a simple pull back, so we can’t rule out the possibility of a FLAT or triangle in wave (iv). Wave (iv) would typically retrace to 23.6 -38.2 Fibonacci retracement area of wave (iii). As per Elliott Wave rules, more…