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DAX: Correction In Progress

Daud Bhatti

DAX Short Term Elliott Wave view suggests that Intermediate wave (X) ended at 12731.46. Rally from there is unfolding as a 5 waves impulsive Elliott Wave structure where Minutte wave (i) ended at 12943, Minutte wave (ii) ended at 12881.5, Minutte wave (iii) ended at 13408.5, Minutte wave (iv) ended at 13328.5, and Minutte wave (v) of ((a)) is proposed complete at 13421.5. Index is correcting cycle from 1/2/2018 low within Minute wave ((b)) in 3, 7, or 11 swing before the rally resumes. more…

Crude Oil Is Looking For A Final Push Higher, While Dax For A Final Push Lower

Grega Horvat

Crude oil is current trading choppy, slow and overlapping, probably trapped in a triangle correction. This triangle correction usually appears prior to the final wave within a trend, meaning a final push higher can follow on energy. Well, a confirmation for a completed triangle pattern is a visible five-wave affair within wave 4 and a break above the 57.90 level. However, even though we expect more upside in upcoming trading sessions, be aware that final wave 5 may follow and that upside can be limited. more…

Elliott Wave Analysis: German DAX, S&P500 And NZDUSD

Grega Horvat

Stocks and XXX/JPY pairs gaped nicely higher during the weekend, and it looks that more gains may follow soon on equity markets. We are looking at both; DAX and E-mini S&P500 which can be headed much higher this week as we see recent downward corrections completed. Dax is in impulse up, ideally within wave 3) headed up to 12500-12550, while S&P500 can be underway to new all-time highs as we called end of a wave b set-back already on Friday. more…


Grega Horvat

Good morning traders, and welcome to a new busy month which could be very interesting for the markets, that began with a new North Korea nuclear test that caused a gap lower on stocks.

Normally markets quickly recover after such events, so wondering if this time will be the same. Gaps as you know will normally be filled, so with that in mind, we think that upside on E-mini S&P500 is not done yet and that USDJPY can be in fact in final stages of a current wave c. more…

Elliott Wave Analysis On GOLD And German DAX

Gregor Horvat

On the 1H chart of GOLD we are observing a five wave impulse from July lows taking place, with price now trading in a possible correction in blue wave iv. That said we know that after every five wave movement a minimum three wave contra-trend action follows, meaning a little more weakness could come in play. Ideally GOLD will find support around the 38.20 and 50.0 Fibonacci ratio and continue higher. Invalidation level is at 1324- as long as it holds we are looking bullish.¬† more…