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USDJPY Elliott Wave View: Ending 5 Waves Impulse Soon

Daud Bhatti

USDJPY Short-term Elliott wave view suggests that the pullback to 108.62 on 5/04 low ended Minor degree wave 4. Above from there, the rally is unfolding as a 5 waves Elliott Wave structure, also known as Impulse. It’s important to note that the sub-division of Minor wave 1, 3 & 5 are also impulsive in the lesser degree. The subdivision in this case is wave ((i)), ((ii)), ((iii)), ((iv)), and ((v)) in Minute degree. more…

Further Strength In USDJPY

Daud Bhatti

USDJPY short term Elliott Wave view suggests that the decline to 104.54 low on March 26 ended Intermediate wave (3). Wave (4) correction is in progress as a double three Elliott Wave Structure. A double three is a 7 swing corrective structure with WXY label. In the case of USDJPY, minor wave W of (4) ended at 107.01 and minor wave X of (4) ended at 105.62. As near term pullback stays above there, expect pair to extend higher within wave Y of (4). more…

GBP/JPY Possible Inverted Dead Cat Bounce On A Trend Line Break

Nenad Kerkez

After a typical Monday price action that was triggered by the Yen weakness the GBP/JPY continued to rise but it failed to reach W H5. A sudden drop in price and a close below EMA89 and W H4, with an interim consolidation suggests that this could be an inverted dead cat bounce pattern. POC rejections could happen within 149.25-55 zone. If the price closes below the trend line we could see a move towards 148.68 and 148.25 so the pattern will be validated. Target is 148.25. However, if the price spikes above 149.97 we might see 150.67 and the pattern will become invalid. more…

USDJPY Can See Limited Downside

Grega Horvat

USDJPY is trading in a downtrend since end of October of 2017, which means bears can slowly start to slow down. Specifically, we see price ending corrective wave 4), the fourth wave of an impulse, which can be unfolding an EW triangle pattern. An EW triangle pattern is a complex correction, that usually unfolds prior to the final wave. This means once, corrective wave 4) fully show up, a new drop into wave 5) can be expected, which can later base on Fibonacci projection ratios find a low and a reversal near the 104.5 region. A rally in five-waves from the mentioned area would suggest a low in place. more…

CADJPY Correction Expected Before Lower Again

Daud Bhatti

Short Term CADJPY Elliott Wave view suggests that the decline from 1/5/2018 high (91.58) is unfolding as an impulse Elliott Wave Structure where Minor wave 1 ended at 87.785, Minor wave 2 ended at 89.439, Minor wave 3 ended at 84.468, and Minor wave 4 ended at 85.24. Minor wave 5 remains in progress as an impulse Elliott Wave structure where Minute wave ((a)) of 5 is expected to end soon.


US Dollar Down On Government Shutdown, But Could It Rebound?

Fawad Razaqzada

The market’s main focus remains fixated on developments in Washington. The dollar has started the new week on the back foot as US politicians failed to break a stalemate on a stopgap bill needed to fund the government at the weekend. As a result, the shutdown has dragged into its third day, raising doubts over a March Federal Reserve rate hike. The uncertainty has also weighed on stocks with US index futures being slightly lower at the time of this writing. The fact that neither the dollar nor the stock markets have sold off heavily yet means investors are probably still hopeful – maybe rightly so – that there will be some sort of more…