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CADJPY Correction Expected Before Lower Again

Daud Bhatti

Short Term CADJPY Elliott Wave view suggests that the decline from 1/5/2018 high (91.58) is unfolding as an impulse Elliott Wave Structure where Minor wave 1 ended at 87.785, Minor wave 2 ended at 89.439, Minor wave 3 ended at 84.468, and Minor wave 4 ended at 85.24. Minor wave 5 remains in progress as an impulse Elliott Wave structure where Minute wave ((a)) of 5 is expected to end soon.


US Dollar Down On Government Shutdown, But Could It Rebound?

Fawad Razaqzada

The market’s main focus remains fixated on developments in Washington. The dollar has started the new week on the back foot as US politicians failed to break a stalemate on a stopgap bill needed to fund the government at the weekend. As a result, the shutdown has dragged into its third day, raising doubts over a March Federal Reserve rate hike. The uncertainty has also weighed on stocks with US index futures being slightly lower at the time of this writing. The fact that neither the dollar nor the stock markets have sold off heavily yet means investors are probably still hopeful – maybe rightly so – that there will be some sort of more…

USD/JPY Triple Bottom Pattern Consolidation Breakout

Nenad Kerkez

As the BoJ commences a slow process of tapering, this in theory has pushed traders into buying JPY. We already saw it in my previous GBP/JPY analysis. In addition, this has the side-effect of selling risky assets, and we saw Equities pullback from recent highs in alignment with rising JPY demand. Whilst US data has been mixed, with Consumer Credit rising, but lower JOLTS jobs openings, all eyes will be on US CPI and Retail Sales data later on Friday. more…


Grega Horvat

USDCAD was trading bearish through May 2017 and through September. We can see that a five-wave impulse had unfolded on the daily time frame and later found a low at the 1.2058 level. From there a new bullish movement followed, which we labeled it as wave A, first wave of a three-wave recovery which means more gains is expected to occur after current wave B is finished, which can look for a base around 1.2600 and also complete a bullish H&S pattern. more…

GBP/JPY Diving Board Reversal Pattern

Nenad Kerkez

The GBP/JPY has formed a variation of a V-shaped pattern named “Diving Board”. The diving board is a reversal pattern that forms after the price makes a flat base than drops down with a high momentum that is followed by a straight-line run-up. V-shaped reversal is created, and the price proceeds up. At this point, we can see two POC zones. The first POC is 149.00-149.10 (D H3, W H3, Order block). Because of the strong trend that we can spot, the first POC zone could show a rejection if the price retraces. If we see a broader retracement below POC1 than pay attention to POC2 (50.0, EMA89, W L3) 148.35-148.66. Rejections from any of POC zones should target 149.90 and 150.47. more…

AUD/JPY Bearish Zig Zag Pattern Aiming For 85.35 If 86.25 Holds

Nenad Kerkez

The AUD/JPY could reject from the POC zone 85.90-95 (50.0, W L5, EMA89, D H3) and as long as 85.18-25 holds we might see a drop towards 85.50 and 85.35. Only if we see a 4h or 1h momentum close below 85.35 the pair might target 85.05 and 84.56. Have in mind that the AUD/JPY is a bi slow moving pair so it might take some time to get to its final target. At this point the focus is on the POC zone more…

EUR/JPY Consolidation Breakout Possible

Nenad Kerkez

Different Forex crosses are breaking out of their consolidation phase, making breakouts off the important levels as we could see yesterday in the example of the GBP/NZD. Today we have a consolidation with a possible breakout on EUR/JPY. The POC zone 132.12-132.30 (D H3, EMA89, 38.2,are pivot) could reject the price towards 131.90. Break below 131.90 might target 131.75 and 131.30. The current ATR is 37 pips while the projected ATR is 86 pips so the price still has the room till next support levels.

AUD/JPY Drops On Worse Than Expected CPI

Nenad Kerkez

The Australian CPI rose 1.8 percent for the year which was lower than 2 percent expectation. The data hurt the AUD and it made a direct drop to W L4 with an extension to 87.78. At this point shorting on rallies is the option. Short term scalps could come around 88.08 while positional short trades could come at the POC zone 88.25-40 (D L4/L5, W L3, Order block, EMA89, trend line,atr pivot, 50.0 Fib). more…

EURJPY Searching For A Top

Grega Horvat

EURJPY is showing a nice bearish price pattern; an ending diagonal up from Oct 16 low that can cause a strong rise of JPY against the EUR. For such scenario we would need a drop on USDJPY and also fall on stocks while 10 year US notes would rise. At the moment we do not see such scenario yet, but it’s good to be prepared. technically speaking a decisive fall below 133.48 and then a retest of that same level can be a good bearish set-up for this week, but only if 134.15 high remains untouched. more…