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AUDJPY Bearish Equities Support The Drop

Nenad Kerkez

I have explained it many times during webinars- AUDJPY is a great pair to trade in correlation with equities. Today we have a risk off sentiment as 29 of the 30 Germany DAX companies are down in price. That is reflecting on Yen pairs. Basically, when its risk-on environment, commodities prices tend to increase, and traders go long AUD due to that factor. When commodities prices go up, stock Markets go up and there is demand for positive swaps on AUD pairs currently as opposed to JPY. When its a risk-off environment, usually the opposite occurs, and as a result, the JPY appreciates as foreign flows from Japan are repatriated back to their local currency. more…

Elliott Wave Analysis On EURUSD And EURJPY

Gregor Horvat

EURUSD: Traders, we have some first signs of a continuation higher on EURUSD after price made an overlap with 1.0882 which invalidates any bearish impulse down from 1.0970 high. As such, we are even more confident that decline is corrective and ideally it was wave E, final leg within a big triangle that can send prices higher this week. Today at 16.00GMT ECB President Draghi will have speech, so if price will stay in bullish mode after that, then we may consider entries on a pullback. We will track it very closely! Any break beneath 1.0770 will invalidate our bullish bias. more…


Nenad Kerkez

Today’s focus is on FOMC meeting and that is the reason why the market has been calm all day long. We should expect FED to focus on China slowdown, market volatility and weak US data. At the present FED could probably take a pass on policy and mention “patience”. There are 2 possible scenarios: Hawkish scenario would be mentioning another rate hike soon (March) and if the FED skips any mention of raising rate hikes and takes on weak US data in the statement addressing both global and GDP slowdown, the statement will be considered dovish. The statement will come in the written form at 19:00 GMT. more…

AUDJPY Dropping Towards New Lows

Nenad Kerkez

As I have stated many times in the articles and analysis the AUDJPY is heavily correlated with Chinese data. Bad Chinese data and equities drop. AJ drops too. It is called a positive correlation. Last night Caixin PMI printed out 50.2 vs 52.3 estimate. If you want to trade the pair which is correlated to Chinese markets its the AUDJPY. more…

USDJPY : Correction Within Uptrend

Gregor Horvat

USDJPY has turned sharply lower in the last few weeks which now looks like a new leg within ongoing complex correction. We are tracking red wave 4) which can be a triangle or even a flat, but for now we will focus on a triangle which means that current leg down can be limited around 118.00 area. We would not be surprised by a bullish turn up into wave D later this month. more…

USD/JPY: 2016 A Year For The Bulls Or Bears?

Fawad Razaqzada

It is already the end of 2015 and what a year it has been for the financial markets. US equity markets took investors for a wild ride only to end almost where they started; oil was on a slippery slope as it plummeted to multi-year lows as OPEC decided to keep its taps open, adding more crude to an already-saturated market due to the shale revolution; the Swiss franc soared in January but bled lower for much of the year after the SNB more…

AUDJPY Strong Confluence At X Cross

Nenad Kerkez

The AUDJPY is heavily correlated to ASX200 and Nikkei indices and if you trade this pair pay attention to both indices as well as SP500 as it moves along with ASX200. In my opinion, best correlation with JPY pairs is USDJPY vs Nikkei and AUDJPY vs ASX200. I also advise that you should use correlation table all the time, especially if you trade multiple pairs. more…

Honey, I Shrunk The Euro

Ville Vainio

EUR/USD had a massive decline at the end of the week and the bears seems to be in charge here. The decline went trough the support area around 1.1145 and kept going. This decline is in line with the wave count which has been expecting powerful decline for some time now. Although this decline is still a 3 wave structure, the larger wave structure is supporting the view that we have started the next phase in dollar strength. more…

My Wife’s Grandfather Lives Alone

Matt Weller

My wife’s grandfather lives alone.

That probably seems like an unusual way to begin an article about European monetary policy and EUR/JPY, but bear with me.

Whenever we visit Walter, he is so overjoyed to have someone to converse with that he’ll eagerly ask for updates about the groundhogs in our yard, our new toaster, and other mundane happenings in our lives. While these day-to-day happenings are hardly interesting even to us, he gobbles them up as if they’re the most fascinating developments in the world. more…