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EUR/USD: Bounce Possible After Best Services PMI Reading In 4.5 Years

Matt Weller

US traders are dragging themselves to work for a holiday-shortened week, though they are likely to have increasingly urgent daydreams about Thursday’s coming gluttony and tryptophan-induced afternoon naps as the week goes on. Lest we get too distracted though, there will be a number of significant economic releases in the first half of the week, including US housing data (both later this morning and on Wednesday), German IFO survey figures, “preliminary” Q3 US GDP data, consumer confidence, and durable goods orders. more…

USD/CNH Continues To Edge Lower After China’s Fifth Plenum, Mixed Manufacturing Data

Matt Weller

Late last week, China wrapped up the “Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.” In case you don’t follow politics closely, this mouthful of a meeting just means that all the leading members of China’s Communist Party came together to discuss social, economic, and environmental policy over the next five years. more…