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India’s NIFTY Elliott Wave View

Daud Bhatti

Short term NIFTY Elliott Wave view suggests the rally to 9709.3 ended Intermediate wave (1), and the pullback to 9449.06 low ended Intermediate wave (2). Rally from there could be unfolding as an Elliott wave Zigzag structure where Minor wave A is in progress as a Leading diagonal structure. Minute wave ((i)) ended as a double three Elliottwave structure at 9649.80 and Minute wave ((ii)) ended at 9596.30. Up from there Minute wave ((iii)) is unfolding as Elliott wave Triple three structure where Minutte wave (w) ended at 9700.7, Minutte wave (x) ended at 9642.65, Minutte wave (y) ended at 9830.05, second Minutte wave (x) ended at 9778.85 low, and Minutte (z) of ((iii)) is proposed complete at 9892.6. more…