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AUD/NZD: Home, Home On The Range

Matt Weller

We’re seeing mixed performance in the foreign exchange market Wednesday, with the greenback rallying against most of its rivals (prominently including pound sterling and all of the commodity dollars) but drastically trailing its biggest rival, the euro. Until this muddled performance shakes out into a one-sided trend for the greenback, some traders may want to explore other currency crosses, including AUD/NZD. more…

AUD/NZD: On The Verge Of Breakdown?

Fawad Razaqzada

The AUD/NZD is probably not under many traders’ radars at the moment given for example the sharp moves in stocks and the US dollar recently, but this cross could be one for those who would like to take the greenback totally out of the equation. The AUD/NZD surged higher in early April from a low of just above parity to a high so far this year of about 1.1425/30. The rally thus took out the 2014 high of 1.1300. But as can be seen on the chart, the bulls were unable to hold their ground there for too long and prices have generally held below this handle for this best part of the past two months, without causing too much pain for the bulls. more…

NZDUSD Traders Crying Over Spilt Milk, Could .6400 Be Next?

Matt Weller

If I had told you Tuesday that China’s quarterly GDP would beat expectations, backed up by strong growth in Industrial Production and Retail Sales, you would logically expect NZDUSD to be trading higher. After all, China is New Zealand’s second-largest trading partner behind Australia, which is itself heavily dependent on growth in the world’s largest economy. Unfortunately, this simplified analysis ignores one critical factor: the price of milk. more…