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The Best Binary Options Strategy – What You Need To Know Before You Trade

Peter Adamson

The latest, greatest innovation in financial instruments is the binary option. Or so it seems. Binary options dealers seem to be growing like mushrooms everywhere you look. From time to time you will read about some major Forex guru who is has abandoned the interbank market and decided to trade binary options instead. Binary dealers will tell you that everyone is moving over to binary options now. But you will hear a different story more…

EURUSD Short Term Rally Opportunity

Peter Adamson

I was waiting for EURUSD to rally yesterday, and this morning I missed it! Silly me. But it is correcting now, so I think there may be a chance to get in.

Remember what Gann taught us about the safest point of entry: the first higher bottom. If you observe the hourly chart you will see that the trend has reversed to the upside. We now have a range from 1.1916 at 13:00 on 9 January to 1.2018 at 12:00 today. Notice the interval is very close to 24 hours. Naturally we will be looking for support at the fib levels between these two prices: more…

Pound Hits Seven Year Low After Boris Johnson’s Brexit Decision

Peter Adamson

Ah, the joys of trading Forex. One man, not a major international figure mind you, just a mayor, makes a public statement, and twenty-eight billion pounds change hands. On Sunday afternoon Boris Johnson, mayor of London publicly stated that he would back the campaign for the UK to leave the European Union. On Sunday evening the pound opened 130 pips down relative to the dollar. As of this writing it has lost three cents. That is a little over two percent of its value. The GBP M1 money supply currently stands at about £1.46 trillion. On Friday that sum was worth $2.1 trillion. Now it is worth about $2.05 trillion and losing steadily. more…

The Hidden Reasons For The War On Cash

Peter Adamson

Western governments for the most part are bankrupt. US national debt just hit $19 trillion, more than double what it was when the global financial crisis exploded in 2008. A debt that doubles every decade is unsustainable. Where did this madness start? In the 1960’s, really.

I recall as a lad having a discussion with a school teacher. I could not have been more than 8 years old. more…

Three Pillars Of Forex Trading

Peter Adamson

When I first learned to trade futures back in the 1990’s, I was mentored by some of the best. The early lessons given to me at that time remain with me to this day. When we learn to trade, it tends to be a bottom-up process. We learn to chart, to calculate support and resistance, to determine trend lines. But I am a top-down guy. That’s the way my brain works. And for many, it is important to have a top-down view of things, a structure in which to place the many details that we learn as we go along. So nearly twenty years later, here is my top-down advice to all Forex traders, my three pillars. more…

Review DF Markets’ Trading Platforms And Win A Prize

Peter Adamson

This press release came across my desk today, and I think it may be of interest to our readers. Nenad is on vacation, so in the absence of his weekly analysis, I decided to publish this piece.

LONDON, United Kingdom, August 3, 2015 – The spread betting and CFD trading provider DF Markets is inviting traders from all over Europe to take part into the company’s “Penny for Your Thoughts” promotion. Participants will be asked to review and rate any of DF Markets’ trading platforms (desktop, web and mobile), and the best reviews will be rewarded with monetary prizes. more…

EURUSD: Groundhog Day Is Coming

Peter Adamson

If you did not grow up in North America as I did, you may not be accustomed to the charming tradition of Groundhog Day. The groundhog is a small rodent belonging to the marmot family. On the second of February every year, children all over the continent listen to the traditional story of the groundhog. You see, it is a very timid animal. According to folklore, when the groundhog comes out of hibernation and into the open air, if the weather is sunny it sees its shadow, becomes frightened and goes back into hibernation. I that case winter lasts for another six weeks. If, on the other hand the weather is cloudy, it stays outdoors and spring will come early. more…