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Short-Term Trading Idea FX GBP/USD

Vladislav Antonov

Trading opportunities for currency pair: Draghi flipped the dollar pairs. Bull divergence has formed on the daily and there’s a hammer on the weekly. If the sellers don’t manage to make ground this week, the rate will shift back to 1.5310 as part of a correction. The target is 1.4560. There’s no avoiding the correction at the moment. The recoil must be used to open new short positions. Over the short term, make purchases, but don’t wade in with large volumes against the trend. more…

GBPUSD: Expected Fall To 1.5145

Vladislav Antonov

On Thursday the pound/dollar was trading above the LB in a range of 70 points. In the first half of the day the rate dropped to 1.5173 and in the second it returned to 1.5240. It’s now at 1.5199. If European trading sees a break of the 1.5191 support (LB and trend), I’ll be expecting a weakening of the pound to the 67th degree at 1.5145 (technical signal without any fundamental news).. more…

GBPUSD: Waiting For BoE Decision

Vladislav Antonov

My forecast worked a treat. The pound/dollar dropped to 1.5360 from the LB. The pound didn’t fall too much because the euro/pound was holding it back. Today’s key event for the financial market is the Bank of England meeting. Forecasters expect the base rate to be left unchanged at 0.5%. The results of the MPC voting and what Carney has to say afterwards will bear importance for traders. more…